International Procurement

In addition to continuously searching for new opportunities and savings, Matrix offers the widest range of suppliers of cost-effective, high quality products with an on time delivery service meeting and exceeding the highest standards in ethical conduct and obeying International Laws.


Our Logistics team oversees the shipment of all materials. This includes ensuring proper control of the materials to the point of embarkation, negotiating the best freight rates and following up on compliance with customs regulations.

Matrix International Inc. coordinates and sources the delivery of high quality materials supporting the Oil and Gas Industry in Venezuela and Latin America

The Acquisition, Operation and Maintenance costs of an Oil and Gas Company represent more than 50% of its total costs. When a supplier can offer savings around five percent in purchase costs, Oil and Gas Companies can experience a significant increase in their profit margin. Our experienced Supply Chain team at Matrix helps our customers achieve savings through a higher quality management of the Material/Supplier relationship.

The implementation of better supply chain procedures, with the additional support to negotiate contract terms and conditions, is the way forward to reducing time and costs and allows management to focus on oil and gas production and exploration.

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