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The Matrix Advantage

Matrix International Inc. coordinates and sources the delivery of high-quality Oil and Gas Industry materials throughout Venezuela and Latin America. The purchasing of products and services by a company in the oil and gas industry represents more than 50% of its total costs. Since these costs are often budgeted beforehand, choosing a cost-saving Supplier like Matrix International can be the difference between a significant profit and none.


With a talented Supply Chain Team, Matrix offers added value through the experienced knowledge and management of materials and supplier development processes.

At Matrix International Inc. we support our clients with negotiating the best terms and conditions for a seamless procurement process reducing costs and saving time for the companies to focus on the exploration and production stages.

In addition to complying with all International Laws and Standards, our highly ethical Supply Chain Management Team offers:
- Continuous updates on new and innovative processes from our suppliers
- Management and mitigation of risks along the Supply Chain
- Trustful and thoughtful Procurement and Logistic advice

Materials Procurement

With a large roster of existing suppliers and manufacturers, our team can offer the most cost-effective, high quality products, with an on-time delivery service. Through our sustained market search process, we are continuously offering new business opportunities and products.


Overseeing all aspects of the logistics process, our team ensures the proper control of materials from the point of embarkation. We negotiate the best freight rates complying with all customs regulations. By following the best supply chain practices, and constantly reviewing and improving service and costs result in a significant increase in the profit margin for our oil and gas company customers.